This coming Sunday and next Wednesday, our church will be tackling a very interesting and creepy subject – MULTO…

Our nation is a very spiritual. The stories of mangkukulams, white lady, tiyanak and etc is widespread espcially in the province. Best selling local books are on ghost stories and the supernatural. If there is a credible and accurate guide for the supernatural it must be the Bible.

For this coming week – in anticipation of our MULTO preaching, I will be blogging on this subject hopefully every day till November 3 to give us an accurate and biblical view of the supernatural. For any questions and query about the supernatural you can ask it in my formspring page located at the side bar of my homepage.

Hope the series of blogs help you understand the supernatural. Watch out for my 1st blog tonight – MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

See you October 31 at Music Museum 3pm or 5pm or November 3 at Teatrino 7pm.