Date night with my wife and we watched SALT. Enjoyed the movie from start to finish. Action packed and it is the edge of your seat movie because you don’t know what will happen next. I love the unpredictability of the movie.

Also – for a long time, finally a movie with no sex scenes. We need more movies like these. Script and storyline was really good.

Mental Notes while watching the movie:

1. Girls can’t be spies. Even the toughest girl gets distracted by men. Reminds me of my wife who got distracted when she met me and left her career as a medical student. (hehe)

2. Discipleship happens everywhere.

– bad guys do discipleship. Good guys do discipleship. Your choice who you want to disciple you.

3. People are a fool for something.

– the russian guys were a fool for a cause

– SALT was a fool for her cause.

– everybody has a cause that he/she is willing to die for. What is your cause?

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