Expendable is the worst movie I have seen so far this year. So tragic to have a line up of big names and make a movie with no storyline worth rememering and talking about. I apologized to my wife for dragging or should I say drugging her to the movie. Good thing she had popcorn to keep her awake the whole time.

You might be disappointed that Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwatever had cameo roles only. The quality of the film and the cinematography was below par. Watching it reminded me of the Lito Lapid action flicks during the 80’s.

Here are some insights I got from the film though: Note: nothing on the story because there was no story.

1. Team chemistry. It doesn’t mean you have an all star cast that it would automatically produce great results. It is also applicable in business, organizations and teams. In fact there is a tendency to slack down because everybody is a superstar. Either everyone wants to be the star or everybody slacks down because everybody is just too great. Imagine Jet Li with Stallone and Statham – this should have been a dream movie. or Stone Cold doing the stunner to Couture of Crews doing his dance.

2. Never too old. What I love about this film, yes only this one is that Stallone did a bold move of getting the big names of my generation to star in this film. You are never too old to dream. Hopefully in the future projects he could dream of a better storyline. If Stalone is not thinking of retirement I think every Christian must take the cue – there is no such thing as retirement if you are a Christian.

3. The One Thing – there was a Mary and Martha moment during the film when Rourke was talking to Stallone about losing the purpose of life. The scene played out really bad but the message was conveyed. Once you lose that one thing you were created to do in life – then everything else does not matter.

So if you are a die hard fan of the guys in the movie – watch it for loyalty’s sake but if you have better things to do – you can pass this one out.