money, muslim and mayor

Two Mondays ago- we did something that I never thought would ever happen. We hosted a seminar for the San Juan Business Council and San Juan Jaycees.

Our good friend Grace Vizmonte organized the event and it was awesome. Pastor Chinkee did a Personal Finance 101 with the businessmen of San Juan.

We were surprised to see some who’s who in the San Juan business world. Also the next Mayor of San Juan Ms. Guia Gomez was there from beginning to end. She was very much engaged with Chinkee’s talk that she stayed the whole time.

The biggest surprise was when we have a table of six Muslim brothers sitting in our center. They were laughing and agreeing with Pastor Chinkee the whole time he was talking.

What happened 2 mondays ago was a seed that we are planting for the city. We know in time we will see much fruit in this city.

Ms. Guia Gomez proposed that we do a values seminar in City Hall next year! Thank you Jesus!!!