monday thoughts

– worship was the best this Sunday! I am amazed at how excellent our team is. Right from the time you enter Music Museum you are greeted by the friendliest ushers in the world (and I am not exaggerating).
– the moment 4pm or pm starts – worship team enters the stage. This Sunday was the first time we have DJ Benjo join the worship team. Mixing house music and worship is CRAZY GOOD!
– people were dancing or may I say grooving! I was surprise to see the 4pm full. Maybe because I wasn’t preaching.
– Pastor Lee gave a timely exhortation that rocked the house!
– Pastor Jon of Myanmar gave us a glimpse of Myanmar.
– Kitchie was at always HEAVENLY good. Speaking of Kitchie, one of my favorite singer is in our worship team. Cello Nunez – an upcoming artist that would make you want to sing and worship Jesus is just awesome! How come God never gave me the same quality voice Cello has.
– Pastor Robert Hern of our Fort church was in his element. Pointing us back to our faith in Jesus and his WORD.
– As I ponder with the service, I couldn’t help but thank God for giving us some of the best leaders and volunteers
– Keep up the excellent work guys!