Missed Church but loving it

– I had to miss yesterday’s service because my wife’s grandfather passed away and we had to be there with the family.
– missing church is not something I look forward to. Yesterday’s service was fantastic according to the people I’ve talked to. Pastor Chinkee and the team stepped it up. I am blessed to have a team who passionately loves Jesus and His church.
– we deliberately do church not centered on a preacher but on Jesus. So whether I missed church yesterday or miss it for a month – it won’t collapse.
– it’s a process called replacing yourself. I won’t be the senior pastor of Greenhills forever.

As church planters how do we do that:
1. EMPOWER your LEADERS – I love it every time I would hear our staff say “We’ll take care of it. You don’t have to worry.” Our team must know they are empowered.

2. Let every team member know what role they play. – Who is doing what and who is in charge? Who makes the final decision? Who do I run to when I encounter a problem during the service? Who is the usher head? security head? worship head? technical head? production head? kids and children ministry head?

3. Always clarify the win to your team members.- I think this has been one of the most pivotal things we did early on this year. We gathered all our church leaders and volunteers and clarified what a WIN is for us. Check my blog on this, click here. This Wednesday we will further go into details with all our leaders and craft a WIN and design a WIN plan for the church. Can’t wait for that!