Miss you Like Crazy Movie Review


Last night we received a call from our friend Liz Ong to watch the movie of John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo’s Miss you Like Crazy. So being a good husband I said to my wife YES! ( well fan din ako ni John Lloyd and my wife medyo hawig si Bea Alonzo).

The movie is your typical feel good/sawi/pa tweetums movie so nothing new. I think that is what movie goers and fans of JLC And Bea expects.


John Lloyd – pa cute pero sabi nga ni Liz ang gwapo nya talaga shucks!!!!

Bea Alonzo – martyr na babae.

Bembol Roco – best actor para sa akin. Sobrang ganda ng mga lines nya.

Jun Urbano – dapat nag Mr Shooli na lang siya at sya yung lolo na nanghula.

Plot was predictable. Cinematography was so.so. Yung mga entrance ng dialogue lalo na nung nag voice over was bad.


Really alarming.

Bea having sex with JLC in less than a week of meeting him.It dawns on you how movies have desensitize the people into believing that pre-marital sex is normal.

After the sex, the scene showed BEA really depressed. ” I love him that is why I gave in” is plain stupidity.

Putting your fate in a fortune teller. It was a jump the shark moment. Well the whole movie is.

JLC can’t decide on who to love. Alan or August needs to be a man and decide.

Do i recommend this movie:

To the girls who wants to get kilig – watch it.

To the guys who would be dating their woman – God bless na lang

I really don’t recommend this film but if you miss John and Bea Tandem like crazy – don’t expect too much

Here is the movie trailer:

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