Ministry Turf

The Youth Ministry has its own turf. The Kids ministry has their own turf. The Discipleship Ministry has its own turf and so on and so forth for every ministry in church. This usually happens to churches who have forgotten the BIG PICTURE of why they exists.

Instead of working towards a common goal, different ministries in the same church creates their own turf. So how do we rally towards a common goal and remove the turfs and silos we have created.

Create a rally cry. My family have been doing the rally cry since last year and it work wonders for us. We choose a thematic goal or our quarterly rally cry and focus all our energy to make it happen. Now it is no longer Thammie’s responsibility or my responsibility. We own it and we do everything to make it come to pass.

So work towards a common rally cry and get everybody on board. You will be surprised to see what a focus team can do.

On a local church note: Our rally cry for the whole year is RAISE ONE. We have challenged our existing small group leaders to RAISE ONE small group leader. That means by the end of the year we double our small group leader base which would help us catch the harvest.

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