Meeting the Mayor of the City


Last week the pastoral team of Victory Greenhills had the privilege to meet the new mayor of San Juan city, Mayor Guia Gomez thru our good friend Getty and Grace.

We were so excited to meet Ms. Guia because of her heart to transform the city of San Juan. Her vision for the city is overwhelming and ur church is excited to help her in whatever way we can.

In the book of Nehemiah, the church is described as a city within the city thus our role as a church is to bring Christ’s love to the city. So during our conversation with Mayor Gomez, she was describing how she would like to help her constituents not by giving them dole out but teaching them entrepreneurship. I love how she envisions to empower the people of San Juan by teaching the people how to fish and not feed them fish everyday.

She also described Philippines needing a spiritual revival and is open to partner with the church to make this happen. We prayed for her after asking God to give her the Spirit to lead the city of San Juan and to surround her with the right people who would have the right heart in serving the people of the city.

To Mayor Guia Gomez, thank you very much for accomodating us and partnering with the church to bring about national revival in the city.