Meet the Team: Pastor Chinkee and Nove

Pastor Chinkee and Nove
is a dynamic couple , perfect fit for our Greenhills church. They met for the first time at Music Museum during one of the worship services we had before. Greenhills is very memorable for both of them. Pastor Chinkee is an awesome guy. When I heard he was joining the team, I was so excited. Chinkee and our family go a long way. Both our parents were partners in business. Now the next generation of Sy’s and Tan’s are partners in church planting.

Chinkee brings leadership and vision to the team. His dedication to serve God is unquestionable. Being a famous actor and a successful businessman in his “former life”, Chinkee adds a lot of wisdom to the team as well. Chinkee and Nove are some of the humblest people I have ever known in WORLD HISTORY.

Chinkee is heading up our discipleship ministry while Nove is our worship director.