measuring success

How do you measure success in church?

There has been a raging debate on how to measure success in church.

A group of church growth specialists says that the way to measure success is through the number of people attending your church


another group says playing the numbers game is not a good measurement for success in church.

How do I define or measure success in church?

CHANGED LIVES. Whether its one changed life because of Jesus or a thousand we consider it a win. Success is knowing where and what has God called you to do.

The danger most of us play with is going to extremes. Most churches are not healthy because there are no changed lives. It is business as usual. It is like any ordinary day. The church is to be healthy. Not only does it need to grow but there must be stories of changed lives among its member.

Numbers don’t tell us success but numbers tells us if we are onto something. Changed lives tells us not are we only onto something but that we are doing something right – something God has called the church to do.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 involves action. It has called the church to make disciples and as we make disciples the natural result is growth.