Some excerpts from the book:

What do you think God is like? Not what do you LIKE to think God is like, but how do you put together the God of Christmas with the God of the great judgment of the final day?

When you last sat in church, how much did you examine the words of the prayers that you heard, the songs that you sang or the words you heard from Scripture? Does it really matter to you if what you said or sang in church was true?

How you think about God impacts the way you live and what you want your church to be like. You must have a biblical understanding of God

My comments:

Biblical theology is to be treated with utmost importance. Neglecting to have the right understanding of God would produce weak Christians who would in turn produce weaker Christians.

If church teaches a theology that is based on the latest motivational speaker, newspaper theology or mere opinions of man then the church cease to exist. It is alarming how a gospel is preached today without even mentioning the word Christ and the cross.

Also in my observation, some churches tend to focus on just one subject or attribute of God. You have churches that talks about prosperity all the time, others would focus on faith, others on grace, others on discipleship. There is more to God that meets the eye!!!! ( Transformer soundtrack playing on the background)

the challenge to every pastor and church planter: Have a healthy biblical understanding of God

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