I am currently reading and enjoying the book “9 MARKS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH” by Mark Dever. Of all the books on church growth, this book really intrigued me. To see DA Carson, John Piper, Joshua Harris, John Mac Arthur recommending this book to pastors made me want to finish the book in one sitting. Anyway I would like to start a series of blogs commenting on Mark Dever’s insight on how to have a healthy church and would put in some of my comments as well.

THE FIRST MARK OF A HEALTHY CHURCH IS EXPOSITIONAL PREACHING. Expositional preaching is my favorite way to preach but I don’t cling to just one model. Expositional preaching has its advantages. One of its major advantage is that you let the WORD really speak to the crowd. Expository preaching brings out the BEST of the WORD. He quotes “Watch hungry people have their lives transformed as the living God speaks to them through the power of His Word.”

my comment:
As pastors and preachers, the Word of God must be central in the life of the church. You can never underestimate the Bible. It is life and healing for your people. I won’t go as far as make expository preaching the rule for every preacher BUT I honestly want to challenge every pastor to reflect upon his preparation and delivery of the Word of God every time he preaches. Is the Bible central in your message? Is it what God wants you to deliver for that week? Have you carefully planned and studied the Word that you know that when you preach it you will be above reproach? Are you sure that the word you preach is not taken out of context?

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