lunch with WISDOM

I just had lunch with a couple from church who has tremendously helped us in planting Greenhills church. Boni and Estela are my spiritual heroes and our conversation today made me appreciate them more. They are not only my heroes – they are superheroes. Here are the things that they have imparted to me and my wife:

1. Humility. I was surprised to hear Boni said that they are content seeing us lead and they are always there to back us up. They said that they want to see the younger generation in leadership position and they opened their lives to young leaders like me. If only all the older people in the church worldwide thinks this way.

2. Back to Basics – Boni and Estela are born evangelists. They are not the type that would draw a crowd but when they converse – Jesus just comes out of the conversation. He reminded us to go back to the basics of discipleship. They have the track record to prove it and so I took their suggestion by heart.

3. Marriage – their marriage has been time tested but they remain strong and in love. Reminded me to love my wife!