Lunch with the PlanetShakers


I was given a rare opportunity to have lunch last Friday with one of the hottest worship band in the world, Planet Shakers. I was really blessed to learn so many things about their church and ministry. During lunch I was able to talk and ask questions to Rudy – one of their singers/youth pastor of Planet Shakers Church and we compared notes on how they run the church and their worship services while Pastor Larry was with Mike (drummer/worship coordinator) asking about volunteer management.

It was such a blessing meeting young men and women who were passionate, humble and willing to offer what they know to help other churches grow and run an excellent worship service.

Some notes I got from them:

1. It is better to have fewer worship team players who are sold out to the vision of the church and on fire for God than have a lot of people up on stage who don’t know why the church exist and who are not as passionate in their walk with God.

2. They offer a 16 week DNA class. This is a prerequisite to join any ministry. The DNA class sorts of acts like a filter for people who are really serious in serving God through the church.

3. They have a school of creative arts (video, worship, technical, lights)

4. Change the mindset of the people. People serving in the church (volunteers) must realize how privilege they are to be volunteers. Be the best volunteer – study your parts and your music before practice.


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