loving the ones you lead

– had a sick day today, allergies are starting to act up again. What is good about sick days is that you are forced to stay at home, get the proper rest and read a BOOK.
– As I was reading thru the word – God pointed me to a lesson from Solomon’s leadership. If there was one thing he asked of God – it wasn’t fame, power or riches. SOLOMON asked for WISDOM to rule and govern. Here is my realization – When Solomon asked for WISDOM it was directly related to his LOVE for the people he is governing.
– Made me think about the preaching I gave this Sunday where the main idea was that GOD VALUES PEOPLE AND SO SHOULD WE.


do we love…….

a. the people who have criticized our leadership
b. the people who’s been laboring with you since the start of your church
c. the people who who volunteered week in and week out
d. the people who sacrificially gives to the church
e. the people who takes up most of your time for counselling
f. the people who complains but still sticks with the church
g. the people CHRIST loved and died for

I think I’ll be spreading the love this Sunday…..

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