lost and found

I finally got my copy Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer. I have been waiting for this and so I finally got it in my hands. I can’t put the book down. It is challenging my mental models of how to be a church that effectively reaches the young unchurched.  Reading through the book made me realize a lot of things – things that I thought I know but in reality had no knowledge that this is how the young unchurched thinks.

Let me give you one example: For the longest time I thought music in church was something that the young unchurch takes into high consideration. I was surprise to find out that it was not. It was least of their concerns.

Anyway, still reading the book and enjoying every minute of it! Hope I could have coffee with Ed Stetzer one day and pick his brain.

I will be blogging about my learnings starting tomorrow hopefully…..

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