losing the art of HONOR

We cannot lose the art of honoring people. Honor is usually preached but rarely practiced. We could easily give examples of dishonoring and rarely do we see HONOR practiced at home, in school and in church.

We have branded HONOR as old school. Honor is no longer relevant. We have tried to discard what the generations ahead have done to prepare the way for us.

We have dishonored ministries and churches by being critical and speaking about about pastors and churches. Politics has crept in the church. Gossip mask in prayers and concerns.

Today I make a decision to revive the art of HONOR.

I choose to tell people who spread gossip about pastors and churches to bring their gossip somewhere else but I wont hear it.

I choose to honor my parents and appreciate the good things they have done in my life.

I choose to learn from older and mature men and not shun them as irrelevant and jurassic.

I choose not to speak about any other church or ministry and fellow pastors.

Let’s bring back HONOR in the church and in this world. Join me.

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