– leading a church is a learning process. Looking at some of my blogs made me see how some reactions I had is a good example that I am a work in progress.
– just this week after my preaching I received two feed backs from people who heard the message.
– I was very happy with my message when a girl approached me and told me some things I need to change in my message.
– If that was me 4 months ago, i could have move in pride and disregard the feed back but in some GOD moment, I was happy to hear her opinion and even adjusted my message.
– I came home yesterday and was surprised to see an email from someone who attends our church. After reading her message it hit me again. Do I react negatively or work on the suggestions.
– Once again it was a GOD moment. Humbling God moment.
– One thing I’ve learned after 8 months – LISTEN!!!


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