less is more

– just finished meeting with the campus ministers of our New Manila Center.
– I just love working with this group of on fire, ready to do whatever it takes to win the campuses, team composed of Bojo, Jonas, Christian and Ethel.
– we discussed 5 important questions as we reassess and restructure our campus church in New Manila. Here are the 5 questions we had to answer.

1. Who is our target? Get as specific as you can.

2. What is a WIN for us?

3. What are the things we are doing right that we need to continue doing?

4. What are the things we are doing now that we need to stop doing?

5. What do we need to do now?

As we answered this 5 questions, we had to eliminate a lot of the traditions we were once used to and stop things that we should not be doing because it is not contributing to the WIN. We had to stop reaching out to just anyone and focus our efforts on certain groups so as not to spread ourselves thin. We realigned job assignments so that they would be focus on the work they were called to do.

I am excited for what’s in store for our campus church in New Manila. Our youth services resumes this week at VICTORY CENTER, NEW MANILA 630pm. We are located in front of St. Lukes and Burger King.

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