learn from history

– slept 3am last night after the passion tour. Woke up 10am.
– had a great time with God this morning. the word reminded me to FULLY OBEY HIM at all times. I don’t get it why kings during those time would choose to disobey the Lord when they know it would lead to their downfall.
– pastors must learn from history. We have seen far too many pastors fall because they made small compromises. Let’s pray that we might not fall into the trap thinking that “we won’t fall for it” Let us never trust ourselves when it comes to sinning. Get as far away from the temptation!!!
– had a good time also at the FORT teaching 1000+ singles about the differences between man and women. My wife did a great job also sharing her insights and wisdom.
– I would never have had a good marriage apart from Jesus and learning from people who has gone before us. Once again, we’ve learned from history.
– had a word meeting with the Fort pastors also after the event and had to change half of my preaching after hearing how they would deliver the WORD for tomorrow which I think would fit better for our Greenhills people tomorrow.
– I really appreciate the wisdom that our pastors have and the power of studying the Word together.
– can’t wait for tomorrow’s service! Hope it won’t rain hard
– that’s it for me today