Leading with the next generation.

A lot of talk has been going around with regards to raising the emerging leaders of the church. One of my favorite books by Andy Stanley :The Next Generation Leader, challenges us to prepare the way for the next generation.

I am blessed to be part of a Spiritual Family that gives us young guys an opportunity to serve Jesus. Our founder, Pastor Steve Murrell and my senior pastor Joey Bonifacio has created an atmosphere where young pastors like me are empowered to do ministry. They have exemplified what “leading with the next generation” looks like.

Three things they did to prepare the next generation:

1. They influenced us. How they live their life and how they do ministry made it easy for us to follow them.

2. They invested in us. The impartation, meetings, suggestions, the ministry partnership, the mentoring, the dinners and the coffee.

3. They empowered us. From youth volunteer to campus missionary to national movements to youth pastor to church planting.

Thank you very much!!!