Leading with the generation that went ahead of us

When I was called forth to lead our church plant in Greenhills one of the first things I asked is “WHO IS LEADING WITH ME?”.
When I saw the list of people who wanted to help plant this church, it took just a few days for me to decide to do this. On the list of people wanting to help plant this church where not people in my youth group. It was seasoned leaders of our church at the fort. It got me excited and pumped about planting the church.
God has given me people who are spiritually mature, relationally mature and battle tested leaders.

This week I met with some of our older leaders in church and discuss ways on how they can help carry the load of LEADERSHIP. Here are some stuff we talked about:

1. Build key relationships with our existing leaders.
2. Have more ministerial responsibilities.
3. Help with the teaching load of the church ( seminars, career talks, offering)
4. Provide counseling for our people.
5. Visibility in our worship services.

The pastoral team of Greenhills are excited for the next wave of growth in our church as we strengthen the nets of the church to produce more leaders and disciples.

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