The church would never grow without a team working on the calling God has given the specific church. I’ve always mentioned that there is no such thing as a one man show. Jesus – the son of God chose 12 disciples to help fulfill the task so I don’t see any biblical grounds where one person can literally change a city. It is a myth.

Let me give you an example:

For the longest time, our church have been praying for someone to really handle the discipleship ministry since our church was serious about making disciples. On the first year – I tried to play too many roles – planting and running a church, sermon preparation, discipleship, counselling, pastoral care. Now I understood what burn-out means.

So slowly I tried to hire my weakness. Pastoral care and counselling is not my strong suit. By God’s grace Pastor Tito Almadin was avaliable to take the reins of pastoral care. Then we started praying for a pastor whose job is to wake up every morning and think about discipleship. One of our main guys who was a fruitful disciple maker – Jayson Lo took the challenge to be the head of our discipleship ministry which gave me an opportunity to prepare the word, pray and do my pastoral duties.

So who leads in a team- leadership setting? (good question Dennis!)

Well – I treat the pastoral team as leaders and as equals but in reality there would be a first among equals. The buck should stop somewhere and that is where the senior pastor steps in. That is the leadership challenge I face and every senior pastor faces but knowing that there is a team I could rely on makes it comforting.


Pastor Jayson – our discipleship pastor and oversees our staff ANGELS.

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