A leader should not just know how to communicate – he/she has to communicate the truth. How many times have we as pastors struggle to preach the Word of God in fear that we might offend people. Offend the big tithers and the famous people in church. We have to understand that we were given the responsibility to preach the truth and most of the time the truth hurts.

With a gospel that is sugar coated – biblical leadership calls for men and women to preach the TRUTH.

The truth that there is a God who loves us and created us.

The truth that though this God loved us, we chosed to sin that led to our spiritual death.

The truth that it is only through God’s son Jesus can we be saved not by works or any other gods that posed as Jesus.

The truth that this Jesus that we serve is not just a ticket to heaven but He is LORD of all.

Check out this video of a teenage girl preaching boldness. This is leadership that we need!

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