What do you usually drink everyday?
Ice Tea, C2, Starbucks coffee! Do you know not drinking them would make you richer.

Let’s do the math again:

C2 usually cost P20. Let’s say you drink one bottle everyday.

P20 x 30 days = P600 a month.

Multiply it by 12 months

600 x 12 = P7200

Wow, that is a monthly salary of some of the people I know.

How about Starbucks coffee? How much is a GRANDE coffee? 130 pesos

P130 x 30 days = P3900 x 12 months = P46,800

If you put that money that gives you an annual return of 10% you will be a millionaire by the time you retire.

ps: I do drink Starbucks and C2 but not everyday.YOU KNOW!

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