latest greenhills update

Wow, we are on our 6th month of church and things are doing great!

Just want to update you guys of our upcoming office. We will be finishing construction next week and we will be moving to our new office in PROMENADE – the hippest place in Greenhills. Our office overlooks the cinemas, coffeeshop, video store and fully booked – places every person dreams of having.

Once office opens, we will be having our kids church and children’s church there every Sunday! I heard our kids and the kid’s ministry teachers have been praying every week and are excited to move out of MCDO. Not that we hate MCDO but its just too small for us. The kids have maxx the place already!

The youth are excited as well for our new center. Pastor Bojo is cooking up some great events in our new facility. Our VICTORY center also has a 100 seating capacity hall where we would hold outreach events. Also the hall is convertible to become a coffee hang out place during the week. So the Greenhills peeps can now have small groups over coffee. EXCITING!

Our worship service attendance are growing as well. God has been faithful to bring so many lost souls to His church. I can’t wait to see Greenhills reaching a thousand every Sunday!

Please continue to pray for us. Harvest is ripe in Greenhills!!!