last 2 sundays u cant miss

We are wrapping up our series on Why Christmas this Sunday. Pastor Chinkee will be preaching. he has this message cooked up already since last week. That is how excited he is with the message this Sunday. I think his message will change your life!!! Please invite all your friends and family to join us for the next 2 Sundays.

On December 28 – last Sunday of the year would be incredible. Let me tell you why? When Jonas was sharing the verse last Sunday, the word hit me so hard that I was able to create a message. Rarely does this happen. Maybe once a year. It was RHEMA! It was God speaking to me. The WORD is for the church. But here was my problem. I was scheduled to preached next week and Pastor Chinkee on the 28. We have already announced the topic for next Sunday so I was stucked with preaching the LOVE message for next week and would have to wait for next year to preach on this word I felt I needed to share.

During our staff meeting Monday, Pastor Chinkee said that he is finishing up his message on love. I said, “No Chinkee, love is the topic this Sunday which i am scheduled to preach.” You got the schedule mixed up!!! So I proposed that we exchange our slots which means he preaches on the LOVE topic that has been burning in his heart and I’ll preach on the 28.

I am so excited with the message believe every Filipino needs to hear. With the bleak forecast from the media about 2009 – what is a Christian to do? How should we respond?

Here’s my tip: Attend the last 2 sundays in Victory Greenhills to find out. I can’t wait!!!