I once attended a seminar on sales and the main lesson I got from the 5 day seminar was “NEVER debtLOSE CONTROL”

This simple applies to our financial life. One of the biggest enemy people have is that money controlled them and not them controlling the money.

We must tell our money what they must do, not money telling us what to do. Because if money starts taking control you will get into some BIG DEBT.

I made a bad decision 2  years ago. I purchased a car that i can’t fully pay. So for 12 months, we had to adjust our expenses because I was too haste in making a purchase.

I felt like there was nothing I can do or buy because we were always exact or sometimes even negative in our finances.

So imagine the thrill of finishing that payment. It is easy to become wealthy if you don’t have any payments, right?

That is why my advice: Get out of DEBT!!!! It is your ENEMY!

check out tomorrow’s blog on how to pay off your debt

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