How Kerby Raymundo Changed the Game

Kerby Raymundo Arwind Santos. fernan nebres

Sports fan knows Kerby Raymundo. A PBA all-star, winning championships left and right and dubbed as the Kevin Garnett of Philippine Basketball. Kerby entered the PBA league at a young age because coaches see his potential to becoming a dominant force in the PBA. Kerby changed the game of basketball in his time.

This year, Kerby decided to retire to the shock of the basketball world. He could play competitively for 5 to 8 years but because of a nagging injure and at the same time I call from God to move to new things in life – he decided to bring his game to another arena – business and family.

I personally met Kerby one afternoon and he shared to me his passion and his life and one thing I notice during our conversation was his desire for more time with his wife and kids. You know there is something about a man when he deliberately thinks and wants to do everything to make time for the most important relationships in life.


During his 15th wedding anniversary, Kerby, in front of some of the biggest names in Philippine Basketball and his family and friends honored and showed the world what a husband whose devotion to his wife would do to great lengths to show her that she is the most important woman in his life.

That afternoon, October 12, 2015 – when Kerby renewed his marriage vows to remain faithful and true to his God and to his wife – he changed the game of how marriage and romantic relationships are played in today’s world.

He changed disposable, one night stand, flings and adultery that the world is used to and took the manly stance of “I WILL BE A ONE WOMAN MAN.”

He changed the game by acknowledging that he and Tina entered into a marriage covenant and not just a marriage contract. Contracts can be broken because of irreconcilable differences. Covenant stays faithful and true in spite of the irreconcilable differences because we vowed to stick together for better or for worst.


Kerby, I want to honor you for showing the world what a man should be. Thank you for showing the next generation that there are still men out there who knows that loving your wife, being a responsible husband, father and a man is a decision we all have to make. And with God on our side to empower us to do this – it is truly possible!