The title of this blog might brand me as a heretic but please give me an opportunity to explain.

Jesus is Lord. Jesus is to be worshiped. No doubt about it. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus is always there. People know Jesus. RELIGIOUS TRIBES AND JESUS TRIBES abound everywhere. Some tribes are called fellowship, bible study groups or churches.

My challenge is this: People tribe. Who’s leading?

Pastors we are called to lead the flock. To shepherd them. In tribal terms, we are the tribal leader.

Every one of these tribes is looking for leadership and someone who will connect them.

Pastors – this is our opportunity. This is our job. If we think making messages is our only job then we’ve missed the point. The question is will you lead the tribe?

If you signed up for church planting what you are saying is YES, I want to lead a tribe that points people to Jesus.

Pastor, you are the leader. The tribe needs you!