Jesus is the Super Fulfillment of Everything in Scripture

Jesus is the super-fulfillment of our hopes and dreams for redemption. He is the super-fulfillment of the ancient longings. His heel crushes the serpent’s head. He is the sacrificial animal skins covering cursed humanity. He is the acceptable sacrifice of Abel. He is Noah’s ark. He is the ignored sibling. He is the warrior. He is the burning bush, the lifted staff, the struck rock, the pillar of fire, the manna. He is the ark of the covenant. He is the law-giver. He is the curtain to the holy of holies. He is the kinsman redeemer. He is the anointed king. He is the afflicted sufferer, taunted by his friends. He is music. He is wisdom. He is romance. He is the voice in the wilderness, and the news shared by the voice. He is safety from the furnace. He is coverer of the whore’s shame. He’s the vinedresser and the vine. He is the servant-teacher. He is the Word. He is the glory. He is the abolitionist. He is the lion and the lamb.

Source: Jared Wilson, Gospel Wakefulness, p210