Jesus healed my Heel


It was January 23, 2011, when I went to a labarotary to have my heel x-rayed because of a recurring pain and later found out what my problem was, calcaneal spur.

What is a calcaneal spur?

A calcaneal spur is a small bony projection that is formed on the calcaneus or heel bone. It is caused by putting too much pressure on the sinew on the soles of the feet, usually over a long period of time. Every time you sit down, sleep or otherwise rest your legs, the muscles of the sole of the foot will contract in an attempt to protect the damaged sinew. The pain in the heel will then no longer be felt. But when you get up again the pain will return and when you move again, the sinew will crack even more, and even cause swollen. That is what I went through everyday.

February, I had to chance to talk to one of our doctors in Victory Greenhills, Dr. Ryan Carnero. I wanted to go visit him in the hospital to have a consultation but this very generous man of God gave me a free consultation on the spot. He then prescribed a medicine that would help, but said it was only to ease the pain and that I need to undergo therapy and rehabilitation for my heel to be healed beacuse operating my foot is never a sure solution for my problem.

God is so loving He gives freely everything we ask for… Mitch also a member of our church is a therapist, and adviced me what to do also for free!

It was April 7 and my condition never changed. Actually it felt worst. The past days were traumatizing! I need help to get up and literally walk like a cripple holding on anything to help me stand up. My kids would tease me and call me “lola” for walking very slow and in small steps.

April 8, I told my husband Jun that I think its better that I stay home and not attend the leaders convergence but later on was convinced by Jun to attend anyway, and so i did.

At the convergence, Mitch (my therapist) approached me to ask how my heel was. She saw that my ankle was swollen, which means my spur is getting worse. She prayed for me and I cried.

Ganns Deen  released the power of God thru worship during the convergence. I whispered to God, that even if I don’t get healed that day (but honestly I needed to be healed for the following day I am to lead worship for the sunday service) I will still worship God.

While worshiping,  I started to feel heat on my feet penetrating the heel and as I felt this, I was very sure that God saw my anguish and heard my prayer. I tried jumping putting pressure on my heel, and I just burst to tears when I heard God told me “receive my healing by faith my daughter, I love you and I care for you”.

I did not let shyness get in the way, I approached Ptr Larry Uy and told him that I needed to thank God and testify for He has healed me. I was emotional when I thanked God in front of our leaders and just declared Healing for others who are sick.

April 9, sunday:

I was jumping while singing with the worship team for 3 services!!! God is awesome! And to complete my testimony, I have attached the laboratory results to prove God’s power of healing and His unfailing love.

Sally Gomez is one of our Victory Group leader. She is a house wife/ business woman. She is married to Jun Gomez and all of their kids are actively involved in church and loving Jesus.