It’s Got to be in You


We are on our 2nd week of our series Behind the Seen looking at the third person of the trinity – the Holy Spirit.

A lot of people are fascinated with the Holy Spirit and what the Spirit can do. As I read through the Bible you would see a key principle when it comes to moving in the power of the Holy Spirit.


The most effective way to move in the Spirit is not to follow the practices or moves of your favorite preacher, evangelist or healer. I, for one, tried going that route. Because I got so curious about the Holy Spirit – I started reading on every material available about the Holy Spirit. Then I found myself zeroing in on a certain preacher that I loved listening to and started copying how he would do things. I became a replica of the preacher. I was preacher-like and not Christ-like. I followed his tone of praying, his tongues, his laying on of hands. Looking back now, it makes me smile that in spite of my naivety, God was able to use me mightily seeing signs and wonders happen and hundreds of people being saved.

But to sustain a move of God – you can’t be about following a preacher but rather a follower of Jesus who gave us the promise Holy Spirit. We have to be focus on the Holy Spirit and what Scripture tells us about the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit has got to be in you. The Spirit flows from within. After the baptism of the Holy Spirit – where the Spirit comes upon you – we are now filled with the Spirit that flows from within.

We are now carriers of the presence of God. Where we go, we become conduits of God’s love, power and grace that brings life and healing to people. The way we can defeat sin long term is not to walk in the flesh but to walk in the Spirit.

The question we all have to ask now is: Are we continually developing our life in the Spirit of God?