It’s all worth it


Today is a very emotional day for me. I have been tired the past two weeks with activities left and right. This morning before going to church I had a terrible headache that cause me to feel really sick but at the same time I was so excited to go and visit our church at the Fort and see what was brewing at the 8am service.

The sight of an overcrowded room coming to worship God at 8am was overwheming.  Also coming back and seeing familiar faces of people who I’ve worshipped with prior to the church plant in Greenhills was also rewarding. Seeing also the youth leaders who I have worked with at the Fort 7 years ago- some of them already in college and others working pumped me up also to the max!!!

To be able to preach at the Fort also brought about memories of the past when I was starting in the ministry. The opportunity to speak once again to the church that believed in me and send me to plant a church in Greenhills was humbling. To see new faces and volunteers and those who are still volunteering with the same passion also warmth my heart. Hats off to all our pastoral team at Victory Fort and all the admins working there.

Had a late lunch at Greenhills with one of our youth leaders laying down his intention to be a campus missionary. We have been praying for new campus workers for our church in Greenhills. I love to see young men give their dreams for a bigger one as they minister full time to students.

Attended our 430pm service and was floored to see our kids church worship team with a children’s church choir lead the congregation to worship. There is something pure about kids leading the people to worship.

I have never seen more people cry in worship today in all of our church history. We felt the presence of God all over the place. Pastor Larry, Jun and Sally Gomez and all the kids church ministry volunteers thank you very much.

I could still remember dreaming of getting a big worship space for our kids. We truly believe in the next generation and to see what transpired today is all worth it. Our move to VMALL would feature a state of the art kids church worship hall – the first in the city of San Juan. I can’t wait for the building to start.

Pastor Jayson is a born preacher. Hearing him preach today gave me the assurance that I could take a vacation once in a while and have the church in good hands.

Lord, thank you for the privilege of serving you.

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