It is not about ME

To remove any disappointments, frustrations and feeling of any entitlement from how the world treats us, what the world offers to us and what God is doing in us and around us then we have to first understand that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME and it will never be about me.

People have a hard time accepting this. In a world where the system feeds our ego – from Facebook likes, Retweeting, personal branding and self help books it is hard to accept that it is never about us. That people don’t think of us as often as we want to and that the universe and even God doesn’t adjust to what we like.

The mistake we often make is instead of following Jesus, we invite Jesus to follow us. Instead of serving God’s purposes, we ask God to serve our purposes thus the disappointment we experience all the time when our prayers are not answered, our needs not met, our wants not attained.

It is a ME world but to live biblically we have to take the focus off ourselves and look to Jesus. It is by the way, all about Him.