IPOD Worship


When I went to church in the 90’s I remember singing the same 20 songs for one year. We memorized, taken it into heart, we hum it, we have internalize the hymns. We can sing the song by memory and if you tell me to sing the songs I’ve learned in church 20 years ago – I could almost sing it word for word. That was how we worship 20 years ago.

Something happened though – today worship songs being sung every Sunday is usually sung for 2 months and then we have new sets of songs that we sing for the next 2 to 3 months. The worship songs usually becomes old in 3 months time.

What could be the reason?

1. Thousands of worship songs are released every month. You pick the genre we have it all. God is raising up more song writers and worship leaders than ever before.

2. It is how this generation listens to music

An average IPOD today can carry how many songs? 2000? 5000? 10000? My own IPOD has 3966 songs/preachings not counting the podcasts. Once we hear a music we move to the next. It is the IPOD generation and the church must seriously take this into consideration if it wants to reach more people for Christ.

Challenge to the worship leaders: As what my good friend John Lloyd Cruz said ” Level Up!” We need to learn more songs, compose more songs that glorifies God, and keep it coming.

Suggestion: If you have a church where many old folks attend, I suggest doing remixes of old worship songs so as to touch both generation. The young people that comes into your church wouldn’t know that Jesus Lover of my Soul is an old song – trust me.

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