When I was in high school – there was one guy we feared in the basketball court – FELIX. Felix was the Lebron James during my high school days. He shoots at will, he was very good defensively, he was UNSTOPPABLE. Felix brought fear when he steps in the court. My jumpshots would change, I can’t drive inside the lane because FELIX was there.

What still amazes me at this time is how we fear the guy even when he is not in the court. We could still feel his presence. If Boston Celtics has its ghost to help them, the 4th year high school team of Makati Hope had a ghost in the court – FELIX. Our game was never the same everytime he was inside and even when he is outside.

FELIX WAS VISIBLE EVEN WHEN HE WAS INVISIBLE. It reminds me of leadership. Is our leadership felt only during the times we are there and is it still felt even when we are not there? There are some few leaders whose invisibility is being felt and I think this is a trademark of a great leader. let me give you some examples:

1. Steve Murrell
– president of Every Nation Ministries.

You see him but you don’t. Half of the year he is out of his Manila office but ask every staff of Every Nation and you will feel his presence all around. From the excellence and cleanliness of the building, to the core values and humility of the leaders he has trained. It is very common for church planters like me to always recall ” How did Pastor Steve handle the situation” What is Pastor Steve’s opinion?” I think his “inside Steve’s brain” blog gives us a sneak peek on how he thinks and maybe we can learn a thing or two about his invisibility power.

2. Joey Bonifacio – senior pastor of Victory Fort

You cannot not listen when this guy speaks and when he speaks it is more than a transfer of information. You get an IMPARTATION that stays with you as you go home, as you do your job, as you relate with people. I see church in a different way because of his influence. The invisibility of Pastor Joey can also be seen in how I run church.

3. Ferdie Cabiling – senior pastor of Victory Ortigas

PASSION – is it in you? I grew up with Pastor Ferdie and his passion was the reason I am in church. As long as I am in love with Jesus, as long as I am serving Him it means the passion hasn’t died. Pastor Ferdie is contagious!!!!

I could list at least 20 more people….. but it would take me hours.

How about you? Are you working on your invisibilty

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