In Exchange for What?

Everytime you are tempted to sin and give in to the cravings of your flesh, you have to always remind yourself of what Christ did on the cross and the victory, blessing and favor of following and obeying Jesus.

Recently had a conversation with Pastor Larry about sin and he gives a timely reminder when he said that if you get enticed to sin just remember how Christ has built our testimony, how we have guarded our integrity and how we have worked out our salvation. Since that conversation, the Holy Spirit has been always whispering the words, “in exchange for what?”

With the number of scandals rocking the nations, from sexual harassment, sex videos, abuse of power, greed, theft and all sorts of sin – this phrase has continually reminded me of why we must choose the path of obedience even if it is hard.

When you are about to sin, ask yourself as I enter and commit this what is the exchange that happens. Wold this be in the expense of a happy marriage, a good name, integrity, healthy relationships, health. IN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT?

Now for sinners like me reading this blog, this also reminds me of what happened at the cross that Martin Liuther describes as THE DIVINE EXCHANGE. At the cross – an exchange happened. Jesus became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God. At the cross Jesus became a sinner, so that I could experience new life.

2Cor. 5:21 God made him who had no sin to be sina for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

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