Take Home from Ignite2015 part 2


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Here are some other take away from the conference

4.  A sound mind is a healed mind



Joseph’s first point in his session was so powerful. Once we get this truth in our minds – it will alter our choices. A sound mind is a healed mind. Some people can’t get over their past. They have been prayed for, they have fasted about it, they are disciples willing to change the world but something is holding them back. One big reason could be is the trauma of the past that is holding them back. We have to let go of the past that haunts us. We have to ask God to heal our minds so we can take bold steps of faith!

5.  Leadership doesn’t have to be loud. Our moral excellence would speak volumes if we want to change the course of history.



Thank you Rachel because you showed us that leadership is not about hype or looking cool but rather building on values on the lives of others. It was a great reminder for everyone to excel morally in a world that does not believe in any moral truths. Rachel Ong is a an epitome of humble leadership that God rewards. No matter what background you have, never let the world dictate your life. Let God’s word dictate your life and see how He will increase your platform of influence.

6. Love moves us into action.



Kix reminded me of the days when we started out in youth ministry. We would do whatever it takes to change the world. Whether it is fixing chairs, cleaning our hall – anything to contribute to the big picture of changing the world with the gospel.

When Kix prayed, mamatay din tong katawan ko, gamitin mo na! It is the same prayer I prayed after. It reminded me that when I entered the ministry – it will never be about me but about him. Imagine if 15000 people prayed this dangerous prayer – the world will feel the change!


Kix is currently the senior pastor of our Victory Tacloban church that was hit with the biggest typhoon ever that visited planet earth. To see his passion and leadership flowing out of him – you know the future is bright in Tacloban.

7. Apostello or Ekbalo



What can I say when the first original member of Victory comes up and preaches a message that I have heard more than 20 years ago – CLASSIC!

It is messages like this that the church must not drift away from. Pastor Jun preached about APOSTELLO – where God has given us an apostolic call to go to the nations. When the church refuses to go – the Lord of the harvest EKBALLOS us – frives us away forcibly to other nations to do the work.

It is a choice – do you want to be apostello or ekballo by God? We all know the wise choice!