i hate to cancel the service..

Storm Signal number 3 forced us to cancel our services this Sunday. We were really excited for our series this week but I guess we have to wait till next week.
Raining so hard for almost 6 hours already. Though my van could brave the Manila flood- i doubt if our members could use their cars to drive thru the flooded streets of San Juan.
– San Juan is celebrating their anniversary today and the most common practice they have is to throw water at each other. I think this year’s celebration had a surplus of water to splash around.
– I hate to cancel our services but I have to. Why?

a. Not everyone drives to church. Half of our people use the public transportation going to church. Knowing our people, they would brave the storm to go to church. (w/c is not wise)

b. our volunteers – our volunteers come to church 3 -4 hours before the service. Rain was pretty hard early morning. Telling them to show up early without any guarantee that service will push thru is counter productive.

c. some people can’t swim

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