I Don’t Care


I don’t care about criticism from people I don’t know. Criticism is helpful and good and I have benefited greatly from it, but hardly ever from a stranger. People close to me give helpful criticism. People I know who differ from me, but who I am in relationship with help me see what those too close might miss. But I just don’t care about grenades thrown by folks I’ve never met and who am not in community with. I could care; I could get wrapped up in responding to every attempt to detonate, but I just can’t waste my caring on that, there are many other more important things to care about. – James MacDonald

This quote is so true. If you are a pastor, a person who is making a difference – you will always get criticisms from people who don’t know you. Welcome to the real world.

Criticisms from people you don’t know does not merit much because of the simple reason that they don’t know you. Choose your critics. Create a board of honest critics who knows you. I made mine years ago.

Meet my Critic Board

1. Thammie Sy – my wife.

2. Chinkee Tan – fellow pastor at Greenhills.

3. Larry Uy – never fails to confront me even if I am his boss.

4. Paolo Punzalan – with marriage and time with family.

5. Like-minded colleagues – I gave every fellow pastor of my church (Victory) the right to tell me if they see something wrong with me. I need people who would critique me – my preaching, my attitude, my leadership and management skills.

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