I did plastic surgery today


Our small group is doing a financial talk for the past 5 weeks and we are pretty pumped about 2010. We have been using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace lessons and have journeyed with some of our small groups with regards to their financial life.

One of the things i decided to do for the month of December was to collect all the credit cards offered, loan offers, credit card offers and the like. So for the last 5 weeks here are my personal results

1. I got a GOLD CITIBANK credit card with a credit limit way higher than my salary -P125,000. The interesting part was I didn’t sign up for the card.

2. I received 2 text messages in the last 5 week offering me a loan. Approved already!

3. I also received 2 nights ago an invitation in facebook to be friends with LOAN CONSULTANCY. Now why in the world would I make LOAN my friend? Debt is not a tool to prosperity.

4. Lastly, I received a call from a credit card company congratulating me for being approved as one of the cardholders who can give a supplementary card with no annual fee to anyone I like and in so doing I also get a chance to join their raffle draw. I clarified what I just heard – anybody? friend, neighbor, enemy, parents, my kids? Anyone? YES anyone – and I get the privilege to pay for their expenses. Wow I am honored.

I was talking to a financial expert and he warned that if the trend among Filipinos continue ( credit card spending, maxxing out cards, credit card debts) then we are going to experience the same thing our brothers in the US are experiencing now.

Debt is our enemy. It makes us slaves.

Prov. 22:7 The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.

So tonight I decided to do a plastic surgery. I cut off my gold card that tempts me to spend more. Bye Card!


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