I can’t be your friend


3674164323_59db9a1ab5I love the smell of coffee. It reminds me of friends.

Coffee = relationships.

I’ve been through a lot of coffee sessions with people from church. Some dinner at home, some quick chat at the office or a nearby Chinese restaurant and though it may seem like I’ve been eating and drinking the whole time I’ve realized that there are just too many people to have coffee with.

Whenever I see new people in church I am always tempted to say “Let’s have coffee.” But I know I can’t. Not because there is a shortage of coffee but I can only handle much. ( coffee and conversations)

It is frustrating knowing that I can’t be everybody’s friend but at the same light it is very very liberating. I love our church. I love to be given an opportunity to befriend everyone and hear their stories out, chat with them, be with them through their most challenging hours. But I know I can’t.

Pastors a lot of times fall into the trap that they have to be everyone’s friend. ( some might hate me for saying this) but reality pastors do have a family, a wife, kids, financial concerns, health concerns ( in short they are as human as you are).

So next time if you feel like your pastor is not that open to start a relationship with you – give him some slack – you have an eternity to chit chat in the after life.

Coffee anyone?

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