I am back


Yes, after 1 week of blog sabbath…. I am back. We just got back from a 6 day trip to Hong Kong- Macau- Hong Kong. Was able to meet the Chinese Goofy and Mickey and they do know how to speak Chinese!

The reason for our vacation was that early this year – I felt the need to have a rest with my family and it took 4 more months before this vacation happened. I am so surprised to see how my daughters have grown so fast. I need to seriously spend more time with them.

The vacation was very tiring but fun. We had some great adventures together. I was with my brother and sister in law with their 3 daughters aged 8,7,5 and my daughters aged 3 and 1. Imagine the adventure! From missing the ferry ride because the 3 kids had to poo, to losing our niece after the Disney fireworks where thousands were exiting the theme park, to losing our niece again in Ocean Park and almost missing our flight back home. We had to run a solid 5 minutes with all our hand carry bags – (diaper bag, stroller, video bag, laptop bag, thammie carrying Mika and some goods we were bringing home as well.

Also the MTR adventures with all the 5 kids – I lost 3 pounds in Hong Kong just carrying our stuff and playing in the theme parks under the hot sun. I was planning to go to the gym but felt like I was in the gym the whole week.

Macau – the Las Vegas of Asia because of its famous hotels and casinos ( no I did not gamble), was not very kid friendly but we did enjoy our stay in the Venetian hotel. We got a very low rate ( crazy rate) for our stay there so it was all worth it! My parents and my brother Chester and wife Juvy met us there. It was good to have my parents there because we were running out of cash (hehe!!)

We went to the famous Bambu Restaurant in Venetian and ate like sinners. The roast duck and the pork asado was so delicious. That was our staple food for the whole week – duck, asado.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the faces of my daughters smiling and laughing and enjoying. The memories are priceless. Before we left Disney, Alyanna met Goofy and Goofy kept on hugging her and her face was beaming the whole time. She was also able to walk with Cinderella and Snow White in Disneyland. She was asking me to buy the Princess Aurora dress which was really overpriced so might buy it in the dept store na lang.

Anyway – moral lesson of the story. Invest in memories. They are priceless!

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