humor and team


I love to work in a fun environment! As pastors and ministers it is a SIN not to have fun. Imagine working for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No excuse not to have fun.

Since November last year we have spiced up our team meetings and it has added more fun and laughter to our weekly meetings.

1. If you are late for meetings – you are required to dance in front of the team. Since introducing this practice – our tardiness has been almost non-existent except for some who people who really love to dance in front of us.

2. Pastor Larry’s teddy bear hug – once you mess with Larry during the meetings expect a teddy bear hug from the gentle giant. Jayson loves to mess around with Larry ( is it because he always wants to get a hug?)

3. Hermie’s impersonation – our in house Kimmy Dora. She could impersonate almost anyone in the team.

4. Hermie’s hungry – when Hermie’s hungry- we have to definitely stop the meeting or it won’t go anywhere.

5. Banana Sheryn – for some weird reason Sheryn is scared of bananas. Her first boyfriend B1 might be the cause of trauma. So we sometimes plant Banana in the meeting room to see how Sheryn reacts.

As what they say ALL WORK AND NO PLAY makes us DULL!

So enjoy your team.

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