How to Know if you are Called?

People often ask, how would I know if I am called to ministry? Looking back, here are some things I had to review and assess before entering the ministry.

1. Do I see myself doing this for the long haul?

When I was in business, I was earning well. I knew entering ministry was to make some sacrifice, but at the same time, I never saw myself as a businessman. As much as I like the perks of business, I could see myself ministering to people. I think it is a God-given desire. Entering ministry does not make me more holy or special. The main issue is being and doing what God has called me to do.

2. Do church leaders see me doing ministry full time?

I have had several people who have come and told me their desire and intention to enter the ministry, and honestly, some of the people who have approached me I cannot endorse. As a pastor and senior leader of the church, I need to seek God in getting new pastors and ministers into my team.

When I entered the ministry, I was already doing the job of a minister for free. I was making disciples and helping out in our youth ministry and worship services. Getting hired was just a confirmation from the pastors that I am called to ministry. If your pastor thinks it is not yet your time, you have to trust and honor his judgment and spiritual discernment.

3. Is there a slot for you?

This might not sound spiritual, but sometimes there are no slots for you in a full-time capacity. Churches are volunteers run, and as for my conviction, I would prolong hiring new people in my team and tap into the vast resources we have among our volunteers. In the meantime, do some personal study and involve yourself in the church ministries to also check if you would want this as a career.

4. Weird peace.

I cannot explain this phenomenon, but when I decided to enter the ministry, this weird kind of peace came over me. I knew it would be an adventure when I entered the ministry and I wouldn’t know where God would lead me. Of course, I will follow, but the peace that transcends all understanding is what I have experienced up until now.

5. Giftings and Abilities

I think number 5 and number 3 are closely connected. Know what you are strong at and how you can add value to the team. If the church is already full of preachers and your gift of preaching, there might be a low probability of you getting hired.

This principle is also applicable in the secular setting. Know your gifts and work on your gifts. The gifts and abilities are God-given, so you can accomplish more by focusing on where God has gifted you.

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