How the Gospel Moves us to Help the Poor


This week I am featuring Ms. Arlene Sy, founder and executive director of Right Start Foundation that serves the underprivileged kids of San Juan city and have now branched out to Cagayan de Oro. Through their efforts, they are able to share the gospel to the communities and are raising up the next generation of leaders in the city.

1. What keeps you busy these days?

I am in the business of changing lives. I am currently the Executive Director of Right Start , and also doing business at the side. I am also actively involved in our church at Victory Greenhills discipling single women.

2. How has the gospel transformed you?

The gospel of Jesus has changed me inside out to the point that I have understood that it is not by good works, but by what He did on the cross. Through faith and by His grace alone.

3. What is the outworking of the gospel in your life?

Knowing and Believing the gospel moved me to put my faith in action and to share God’s love especially to the underprivileged people whom Jesus love the most — I described them as the lost, the least and the last.

There were a lot of examples that Jesus fed the hungry first, before feeding their souls. He meet their needs first, before asking them to follow Him. When God revealed to me to see these poor people through His lens, it was life changing — these are the most neglected people and they need the church and the Christians to bring them hope, faith and love.

4. What is your message for pastors and churches on helping the poor

We all know it’s a good thing to help the poor, we all know we are surrounded by poor, but have we really stopped and listen to God’s heartbeat for them? It is written throughout the Bible.

They will know we are Christians by our love more than our message, more than our church buildings, more than our Bible. Most of the time we point and blame the government for the condition of our poor fellowmen but God instructed the believers  to do something to uplift the lives of the poor. It is the job and mandate of every gospel saturated believer of Christ to help, to reach out and to be His hands and feet on earth. The challenge is not just to preach the gospel, but to live the gospel. Now is the time!

Interested to help out? Contact Right Start Office for more details:

landline: (632) 6240444

Mobile: (+63917) 5630495