How God changed Abby after 3 years of going to church


Hi everyone! I am Abigael Kristel Tan, 21 years old, 5th year college student taking up Industrial Management Engineering. I received Christ into my life and got baptized last May 7, 2011 and it was a very joyful and fulfilling moment of my life. I am now a part of the Music Ministry and a proud worshipper of God. It’s my first time to blog and I hope the Lord will be glorified with what I am going to do.

Before I was baptized as a Christian, I was very religious but I did not obey the Word of the Lord since I did not read the Bible. I know the teachings that are in the Bible because I am from a Catholic School when I was in elementary and high school but I did not practice them. I always pray but I did not understand the things that the Lord wants me to understand. I am always hot-tempered, always complaining and pessimistic in life. I am not sensitive about the wrong things that are happening around me and most of all I was not sensitive about what God is feeling when I sin and do things that will not glorify His name. Christianity is simple but hard to follow.

After three years of attending Victory Greenhills, that is when it hit me that the way to have a better, satisfying and joyful life is to submit and surrender my whole life to the Lord. And that He will be the one to control every aspect of my life. It was really touching when God never walked away from me when I encountered problems in my life, especially in my relationship with other people. He stood by me even though I do not always obey Him; He had been with me through good things and especially when I was down. I felt that He picked my hand when the time came that I was very lonely and down. I found a relationship with Him that no one else can take it away from me and no one else can satisfy that feeling. It makes you smile whenever you are down and makes you rest on His side whenever you feel alone. I can cry out to Him whenever I have problems and things that I cannot understand that are happening in my life.

“What is most unbelievable is He died for my sins for me to be saved; I cannot imagine any person or being in the world willing to offer His own life just to save me.”

I think the thing that has changed in my life is the feeling that I love God more than anything in this world that he deserves all the praise, love and gratitude, for He owns everything that I have and most of all He loves me for who I am. I also begun to love myself more, because I know that God’s love is enough for me to sustain me as a human being, I am now complete in Christ. I also became more thankful in all aspects of my life, especially now that I understand more that He is the source of all the blessings that I am receiving.

I became more positive with regards to the outlook in my life, that everything that happens in my life has a purpose and reason that God made these things either to bless me or to let me wait for something that is greater than I ask of Him. I also became sensitive on what he likes and do not like me to do. I also became more aware of the sensitive issues that are happening around me today, like sex being an ordinary thing in most relationships and saying bad words as a normal way to react to the things around us. These are simple things that the Lord wants us to change in our society. The only way that He will bless us is if we will obey and follow His words. I admit that I have struggles as a Christian, I always have a hard time reading my Bible since I am not a reader.

The thing that I enjoy the most is worshipping God with worship songs, this is where I feel the presence of the Lord always surrounding me. I hope I can glorify His name through singing and I believe that He gave me this talent to sing and worship Him. Thank you Lord for the talent, for saving me and most of all for loving me for who I am. I love u Lord!


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