how do we do it?

we are entering our 10th month of church and things are pretty exciting!
– more people means more work. If you are wondering how we are able to survive 10 exciting months of church with just 2 paid staff, here is our secret……


– we have around 40+++ ushers
– we have 30+++ worship team members
– we have 15+++ technical team and stage directors
– we have 50+++ kids church teachers

During the weekdays some of our church members volunteer to do office work and errands for the church. It is amazing how this people just LOVE to serve Jesus. I am overwhelmed with their commitment!!! Here are some regular “officemates that i have during the week”

April Lee– a certified Fitness Trainer, supermom and ironwoman. Here she is encoding some stuff for our church. She also is our stage director every Sunday!

Uncle Delfin with our church administrator Sheryn. Uncle Delfin comes to the office every Monday offering us free hugs and sometimes free Chinese food as well. His smile never fails to warm us up. He blocks of his Monday afternoons for people who would need counselling. Delfin is our usher head as well


Larry – our SYSTEMS guy. Thank God for Larry. As big as God’s vision for the church there is no way it is going to run effectively without SYSTEMS. That’s where Larry comes in. Larry is my go to guy. If there is anything under the sun that you need, ask Larry. Larry spends his free times in our office as well helping as make it through the day with his wisdom, insights and may I say it again, SYSTEMS. Thanks Alabang for the Uy Family. Larry and wife Yet are part of our Kids Ministry.

To all our volunteers thank you very much!!!! I love this church!!!!